Backsplash tile designs for kitchens

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Beautify your kitchen backsplash with among those trendy tile notions.

Soft and Soothing

The veining in the marble countertops inspired the muted gray subway tiles. Soft gray, bordering on blue, helps create a calming kitchen. This classic kitchen gets a dose of dynamic colour with orange and blue accents.

Aurora kitchens

Natural Accents

Tile in various colors of green wrapping the kitchen, adding earthy tones plus a blast of colour to the white space. The mix of dark and light colors keeps the kitchen from becoming too airy or overly heavy. The warm wood floors as well as the green tiles give a natural, outdoorsy feel to the kitchen.

Realistic Stone Texture

Pebble tiles that are stacked bring a nature-inspired feel for this place that is backsplash. The homeowners chose not to grout the tiles to highlight the natural appearance. Used in the kitchen's beverage center, the pebbles produce a unique focus for the cooking zone; the remaining kitchen backsplash features a more traditional choice: white subway tiles that are ceramic.

Smooth Elegance

Marble tiles cut in rectangular and hexagonal shapes make up this smooth, elegant backsplash. Dark swirls in the marble fit the matte black finish on the range hood as well as the dark wood finish on the cabinets that are nearby. As an alternative to serving as a focal point, this backsplash just leads to the sleek, elegant appearance of the room.

Tile Artwork

Miniature tiles come together to create a gorgeous, nature- inspired. Backsplash and the range are framed by cream-colour cupboards, giving a framed artworklike look to the backsplash. The image fits in using the simple yet refined appearance of the remaining kitchen.

Riverfront Reflections

In this kitchen, a placid palette was spurred by a riverside setting. Blue glass subway tiles saturate the backsplash with colour and look reminiscent of water -- even offering a sense of depth. The light hue dampens the appearance of the hardworking range region, giving a more casual feel to it and encourages an air of serenity for the space.

Eye-Catching Inset

This kitchen is symmetric and easy with its neutral color palette and congruent cabinetry. A grey ceramic-tile backsplash matches the room’s color scheme and design, but an eyecatching inset over the range immediately adds a visual interest on a long wall. The tiles that were angled are framed using a somewhat arched top, bringing attention to the space while still aligning with all the kitchen’s fashion.

History Maker

Work with a backsplash to transition a historical home into modern times. This 1930s cottage gains a contemporary edge with slick, white-oak cupboards boasting full-overlay slab doors.

Rich Contrasts

Using one simple tile in a two-colour palette gives this kitchen stunning chip contemporary appeal.

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